CLwave Mystery Author

CLwave Mystery Author

The Author of CLwave Mystery is the Persian Wizard, also known as the Jadoogarepars!


“I am the Persian Wizard.
I am a magician, predictor, metaphysician, painter, and an inventor.
When I was a kid, I had nightmares. I was seeing a symbol, a symbol of the future!
The older I became I was more keen to explore and invent. So far I have 72 things invented, but it was not my destiny… !
About 8 years ago a strange person told me some secrets and mentioned to put my hand in boiling water for proving my fate to him, and if I did not get burned I am one of the five people! Thus I have been chosen for a great goal!
My life changed and I went after metaphysics, I earned powers of mind control and so on. I am also a magician like Criss Angel!
Wizards and magicians have criticized me whether I am willing to do just tricks or real magic?!
=>> My answer is both!
My goal is to teach human skills that can be improved and controlled more!
Hence, I want wizards and magicians to know more about mysticism and spirituality to change the world for the better!”

– Persian Wizard,

CLwave Mystery Author!

Persian Wizard

Persian Wizard = Jadoogarepars











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  1. – Persian Wizard,

    CLwave Mystery Author!

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