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Predictions Using Clairvoyance!

Predictions Using Clairvoyance!


You may already know some famous people who are known as predictors! Some of them are so famous like Michel Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce, and some could be unknown to the public, despite all the great abilities they have had. Most people may think that predicting the future is an evil skill, and should avoid such people who have these prediction and precognition abilities. However, most predictors have powers to be aware of the future, which are totally humanly possible, and is totally by a human, and is not done by evils or demons (or jinn) at all! Despite the fact that some people may think predicting the future by means of evils and demons is easy, that is really difficult. However, prediction and precognition can be done by mental and spiritual abilities to be able to predict the future somehow to some points!


 Clairvoyance (Clear Vision) Types:

There are different types of branches in Clairvoyance or Clear Vision. Know this fact that most of the predictions are not done by your will, meaning that you are not able to necessarily receive the information you want from the future or so! You may or may not be able to predict the future on the topic you want, or even receive the information you did not ask for! Prediction or having a vision from the future is just part of the Clairvoyance ability, and with that ability you will be aware of some occurrences in the future! For example,  you will be informed that Las Vegas is about to be in a big danger quite soon! This is one type of prediction. For instance, you will have a vision of an Earthquake in which a very tall tower has been destroyed! In such situations, the vision and the image you have had, must be examined and investigated carefully, and from the details of that vision or image, try to get true information from that prediction!

There is another type of Clairvoyance that is about getting informed about the occurrences in the past! The most famous person who has had great abilities in this type of predictions was Edgar Cayce! He could find cures of illnesses while he was in the self-hypnosis state, and get accurate true information about long times ago! He was able to give true information about the Atlantis and the destiny of their people and many other civilizations that have been destroyed! After a long time, scientists have discovered that he was right by finding the Dead Sea Scrolls!


Another type of Clairvoyance is predictions for near future occurrences, or  Precognition! In this way, you may want to realize that where is somebody, or be aware of near future events that will happen quite soon, for example! This is the simplest and easiest type of Clairvoyance, and usually it happens to many people randomly, but they may not be able to use this skill anytime they need it at will! The best thing to do is to amplify this ability till the number of Clairvoyances in a period of time gets to its maximum! So the practices and trainings that will be given here right now is exactly for this matter!


A Precognition Experience That May Have Occurred To You As Well:

Some time ago, when I was going to leave the home in the morning, suddenly I had a vision in my mind that I will take a green bus in the street. When I actually got out of my home, I saw that exact green bus in the same direction I could see in my clear vision.


What Factors Will Influence or Amplify These Abilities?

In fact, Clairvoyance is coming from the subconsciousness and spirit of humans! When this connection between the subconscious mind and spirit is established, mind will receive valuable and precious information. Spirit can have the best connection and channeling when it is in a relax state, and there must be also a great amount of focus and consciousness in there in order to have a conscious connection between the mind and spirit. So a predictor must be always ready! To realize this in a better way, consider the Electromagnetic waves, such as the Radio Frequency waves that are already around you. There is a lot of EM waves flowing around you in any environment, but you will be able to recognize them only when you have the right receiver and tune it into the right channel. So in order to get information from those EM waves from your environment, and being informed subconsciously, and being aware from what your subconscious mind is communicating with your spirit, you should prepare your mind by connecting to these:


Just before we get to that, notice that the whole universe and its occurrences are like music notes, and you should prepare your mind so much that your mind becomes so sensitive to voices in this world, and you can hear what is happening in the universe! It is only then that you will achieve the highest levels of Clairvoyance! Also, as explained before in Life Style articles,  the way you live and your life style has a lot of impact on this. In fact, predictors are people who are not in the same normal state of mind like others. People who have gained extraordinary abilities in this, and gained this power instantly, usually have had some special occurrences in their lives that have impacted their soul abundantly (Like Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences…). In the  1st and 2nd world war, many people have gained precognition and prediction abilities, because of what has greatly impacted their soul and mind during the war. Listening to some non-vocal magical music, painting, writing, and having less sleep (which leads to more peak conscious activities in your mind…) are all causes of amplifying prediction abilities in you!


_ First Step For Clairvoyance:

You can use many different methods for Clairvoyance! Before we get into some of the famous known methods for Clairvoyance, such as the Crystal Sphere or Tarot, you should first strengthen yourself! You can use Self-Hypnosis for Self-Help, and when were so deep in your self-hypnosis, focus on the part in the future where you want to be aware of! You can also use some of the dreaming methods, and decide to dream about the future! You should have a clear and distinct aim, and you can even say it out loud before you go to sleep!

It is not so difficult to predict something, just write down whatever you have received during your Clairvoyance, and do not let your thoughts to change or influence the content of your visions!

*** Never confuse your predictions with your guesses! Never make this mistake, and never try to guess when you practice Clairvoyance!

Try to practice everyday, and try to predict different occurrences. Try to predict the result of different matches and competitions. Try to predict the weather situation of tomorrow.  Try to predict the behavior of your friends, and so on and so forth. Remember that you should never try to guess instead of predicting the future!

Keep this in mind that the best predictions happen usually in 3 periods of time, and you will usually have your predictions and revelations at these times. First, moments before you sleep; Second, when you are sleeping; Third, moments after your sleep when you are waking up! Most of the things that will come to you in these times, will be forgotten quickly, and so you have to write them down as fast as possible!


The first practice is that when the full Moon is out there, go outside and look at the Moon for a few moments. Try to be conscious of your breath while you are doing this. Conscious breathing is going to give you great feelings, and you should try to even amplify this feeling. You can try to imagine that you were on the Moon someday, and now you have came back to the Earth. If you can do this practice on the roof of a building, it is going to be even better.

Now try to visualize that you are taking off the ground, and you are going towards Moon (Try to feel this emotion in levitation and detachment, and then that connection and attraction! ). Now try to look at one of the shiny stars close to the Moon, and try to imagine that you are on that star. Try to imagine that the surface of that star is totally like the surface of the Moon (Neglect the scientific evidences for a moment!), and try to visualize that you are looking at the Moon from that star! Now try to visualize that you are getting off the surface of that star, and float towards Moon (Try to really visualize and feel the sensations of this levitation! ). Do this exercise and practice while the Moon is full!


Predictions Using Clairvoyance!

Predictions Using Clairvoyance!













_ Second Step For Clairvoyance:

The second practice is that you open a water source in your home, and let the water drip just a little bit. Try to do it in a way that it is almost just leaking the water like about one drop of water per second. In order to hear the sound of the water drops clearly and naturally, fill a pot of water completely, and put it under the tap water, so that each drop of the water can hit that after falling down (If you could not utilize that, you may do that with a ticking clock or any sort of cyclic and frequent relaxing sound! ).

Try to get away from that sound source a little, and try to sit on the ground in a comfortable way, and just close your eyes! Now listen to sound of that water! You may do this for at least about half an hour, and in the next day do the same but with more distance to that water. Then just listen to the sound of water. In the next days, try to have even more distance to that water, so that after a while, the sound of water is hardly hearable! You may keep this distance for the days after that, and with this distance from the water, do your practice for at least two months!


Good Luck With Your Clairvoyance Practices, and Hope You Can Be Very Successful!

 Persian Wizard



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How To Do Astral Projection ( Part-2)

How To Do Astral Projection ( Part-2)


The method that is going to be discussed here is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do astral projection, and the projection success and speed is quite high! People who have studied and practiced conscious dreaming will see great results, but anyway, this method can also work for any beginner as well. So now prepared to be learned something new about astral projection!


Sleep Time: The blur line between conscious and unconscious state while you go to sleep!

The state we will use here with this method is the one that you usually pass from it easily. When we go to sleep, we will go through a special state before we go unconscious, which is actually the boundary between conscious and unconscious state. In this state, we start to see different pictures and visions in our mind, almost as if hallucinating, which is a sign of going to sleep state. Even in this state we are still sure of being awake but not being totally conscious! After passing this state of mind, we are going down to sleep state. Normally, people will usually pass this state easily without any attention and awareness. However, if you are interested in astral projection, you should not be like that, and you should try to take advantage of this state! Additionally, after passing this fine line of falling into the sleeping state, we will lose our conscious state probably, meaning that we will not be conscious of our Self anymore, like we were in our waking state! The interesting point here is that if we could continue this blur state of awareness after passing the border line between sleeping state and waking state! In fact, if we could stay conscious after going to sleep, we could easily have a very conscious and natural projection! We could easily  astral project then, where our Energy Body  is freed, and so our Astral Body is released from the Energy Body! In this situation, the Energy Body will start to attract the energy, which is normal and natural process. However, most people may not realize this situation in this state, because while doing the conscious astral projection, there is a step in the process where we may not be fully conscious, and that is indeed where we get separated from our body! After that we may get conscious again, but basically this step in the process of a successful projection is quite short, and many people may not be fully conscious of it.


Now the question is that how to stay away from going down to sleep in that state?

Many effective methods are discovered so far that we can use them. One of the methods is that when you try to go to bed to sleep, and preferably when you need sleep at night, and while you are lying down on your bed and you are about to fall into sleep, try to visualize a desired image. Try to imagine something that is really interesting for you, and you really love it enough so that it can stay in your mind, and you can focus and lock onto that image. For instance, the image of somebody you love, someplace you like, or anything that your mind knows from before and could remember it well. The reason for choosing an image for this method is that you are busy with this visualization and you have many different images created on your mind on this step, and there are many similarities between those images, and so it can help you to distinguish between those, and keep your consciousness and awareness at this state, and pass this critical point between the sleeping state and waking state successfully! To do this practice, you may do this only when you are full of positive energy and good feelings, so that you can do this method very well. You should continue practicing this method as much as you need till you go to that critical sleeping state, just keep on doing that! After you went through the sleep, and you got through consciously, you can separate from your body, and astral project!


How to get out of our body?

You can easily put your hands besides your body on the bed, as if you are trying to get up, and wake up slowly, literally! Also, you may try to wake up from your left side or right side, literally! You can also easily will it to happen, meaning that in your mind, you want it to happen and see that you are waking up! You may try to get out of your body from your feet, and leave your body and go far from your physical body! In order to do this easier, try to have your eyes closed in your Astral Body, just for your ease! Opening your eyes while you are getting our of your body has no danger for you( Although it may lower your chance of successful projection)!


The secret to your success in this method is that you should be sleepy( Not too tired and sleepy so that your mind is going almost off, since you should have enough energy and mental power there for your conscious control), and you should try to keep an interesting image in your mind till the last step of passing that sleeping state! If you do not feel comfortable in the visualization step, and you do not prefer this method, you can use another method.


How To Do Astral Projection ( Part-2)

How To Do Astral Projection ( Part-2)













Another method is that you do similar steps for astral projection, but there is no visualization step, and instead try to keep your arms up while you are going down to sleep. What will happen is that as soon as you try to fall into sleep, your hand will fall down, and you will wake up again! After waking up again, get your hands up again, literally! And this may happen again and again a few times, till you can put yourself into the closest place to that fine line, right before you fall into sleep, which is the state of mind between being conscious and unconscious, and you can stay awake mentally while your body is going to sleep. This was the second method that can help you to stay conscious when you go to sleep. In order to do this method, you should practice a lot, and if you master it, then you can easily astral project! The key to success in this method and other methods for astral projection is regular practice!



 Persian Wizard



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