About CLwave Mystery

About CLwave Mystery

This website is about mystery, miracles and magic! (=>> See the author’s page here!)



This website has been created to basically talk about the following topics:

  • Mind reading, predictions, black magic, super humans…, these are ambiguous and unclear concepts for most people! Is there really another universe beyond the one that is in front of our eyes? Should they be avoided and get far from them, or they can be approached consciously with awareness, and can we get close to them?
  • Is it possible to be aware of the future?
  • Is it possible to levitate and fly, or to get invisible and disappeared?
  • Is it possible for anyone to have supernatural and super human abilities, or is it belong to some special people?
  • Guidelines and learning materials and helps should be still away, far, and hidden from the hands of public, and it should not be available to normal people?
  • Is there any boundary and line between good and bad in magic and illusions?
  • Why a magician cannot go public with his/her secrets?

and thousands of more questions…!


_ Here we want to address all these questions and issues. We teach you the right method and path to metaphysics and so on! This is just the beginning of the story, and perhaps the end to the thousands-years old hidden secrets of magicians!

The goal is to:

  • Using the undiscovered skills of humans, instead of employing Demons and inorganic beings!
  • Debunking black magic, and correcting the basics of magic and controlling its direction and path for the good!
  • Unleashing the hidden supernatural skills and talents of humans, and making motivations and objectives, and to apply them to the right path, and These Are All Efforts Till 2018 !!! 


Persian Wizard,

CLwave Mystery 2014!



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