Self-Hypnosis for Self-Help (Part-1)

Self-Hypnosis for Self-Help (Part-1)


You can access the key of your mind by learning self-hypnosis! You will be able to program yourself the way you want, and get rid of anxiety and sadness, and help yourself to achieve success and happiness! You can unleash the supernatural abilities in yourself, and soon you will realize that self-hypnosis can help you a lot in your different mental practices! All the people who do incredible things and go to the ‘trance’ , they are consciously or subconsciously hypnotizing themselves!


Self-Hypnosis for Self-Help (Part-1)

Self-Hypnosis for Self-Help (Part-1)











Here is the best method to do self-hypnosis, but basically there are 4 types of hypnosis:

1. Suggestive (Persuasion and Influence state):

This is the type of hypnosis that the person feels heavier inside! The person hears the voice outside and feels to be awake! In this state, the person is very  suggestible to any command, and might be influenced by any persuasion expert easily!


2. Catalepsy (Muscular Rigidity):

This is the type that the person feels more heavy inside and if stays still in that situation for a long time, he/she will feel tension and dryness inside the body. The person can be hypnotized so much that the body of the person stays still and stiff as a rock, in which if the body literally lies in the middle of two chairs, in a way that if the neck of the person is on one chair and the his/her legs are on another chair, the person can stay stiff without falling down, literally! In this state, the muscles of the person will get heavy and rigid!


3. Somnambulism (Drowning state):

This is the type where conscious mind of the person is off, meaning that it is totally on subconscious level! If you literally pin a needle into the person’s body, he/she  may not feel any pain! This is where the hidden powers of mind can be unleashed, and you can program yourself the way you really want! In this state the person is about to drown and fall into to sleep, and may even feel like day-dreaming!


4. Lethargy (Fake Death):

This is the type where the body of the person gets completely heavy as if the person is dead! To be more precise, the body will go to paralysis state in which you may feel like you are unable to move your body as if your body is dead, but do not worry, it is natural and you should stay calm and relax, and come back to the normal state slowly! In the extreme case of this type, even the color of the face of that person will also change like a dead person, and he/she can do projection which will take his/her energy body to the environment around as if the soul and spirit is separated. This is actually and more precisely called astral projection where the astral body of the person, which is connected with a silver cord to the third-eye of the person that can leave the body and go to astral planes and access almost any time-space in the universe! The astral body can float around the room, or any environment the person aims for, such as going through walls and meeting people and places. Basically there is no time or space limitation in that state. After you have returned to your body from astral projection, you can probably remember everything you have done in your projection, depending on how consciously you have projected yourself, and your memory skills for remembering your conscious dreams! Not everyone can remember their experience, and may even feel like they were just dreaming and it was not for the real!


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This was the end of part-1, you can read the rest here in part-2:

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