Focus – How to and Why

Focus – How to and Why


It is really important to learn how to focus on every matter in any situation!

There are differences between focus and concentration! Concentration means the ability and act to gather all your attention and awareness on a matter or issue alone!  When you concentrate you will put all your awareness and consciousness on a single subject! And when you concentrate you think of nothing but that object or subject! The reason to concentrate is to be put all your energy and maximum potential all at once on one single point to get it to work and manifest what you desire! When you aim to concentrate, you should think of nothing but your goal to hopefully manifest that, and you must think and will it to happen! Concentration works based on thinking and willing on a single point in your mind to  consciously put all your energy on it, and as the famous Law of Attraction, you will hopefully achieve what you have put your mind into, if you truly believe!

However, focus is something different, and that is not what we have been taught since we were in school unfortunately! We have been always taught to concentrate on something, whether it was for study or exercise or any other matter, but that is not what you should have learned first! The first thing we have to learn is to basically  how to do not think! The ability of non-thinking and emptying your mind is called focus! Focus is to put your mind at a relax state and try to be calm, and do not think about anything! When you want to or you have to empty your mind for a matter or in some situations like in some type of meditations or hypnosis techniques, all you have to do is to let go of any thought, and just empty your mind from thoughts! This ability that you try to let the thoughts pass you by, and do not resist on any thought or matter, is actually the focus state of mind! For many reasons, and in many situations, all you have to do sometimes is to trust the things you have done before, and know and feel the emotions that you really desire, and then just then let go and let your super-consciousness and higher-self connect to where it should, and just let it happen by your beliefs! So when you focus, just do not think of anything or any subject, and just feel the emotions you really desire, and subconsciously that would happen by another part of your brain and another layer of your mind! Focus is on subconscious state of your mind, while concentration is on your conscious state of your mind!


Focus - Why and How to

Focus – Why and How to





It is strongly recommended to have focus in your life and in what you do and practice! When you try to do something that is even involved in conscious thinking, like studying or eating a food, you have to still have focus after a conscious concentration! If you want to eat a food, first just consciously think about what want to do and eat, but then let go and empty your mind, and just do not think about anything anymore! Do not over-think stuff and do not perform any unnecessary thinking on different tasks, and specially on other irrelevant tasks while you are doing something particular! So when you eat, just eat and do not think about anything else! There is nothing much to think about, and should not also think about other stuff, because that will both decrease your focus and concentration ability! When you study, just study and do not think about anything else! Just think on what you have to do, and then even let go of that thought, and just feel it with your emotions… you do not need to think about that anymore!


When you try to study, just read and write what you have to, and then let go of the thought that you are playing with and trying to learn and memorize it, and just visualize it then… just imagine it and visualize it, and even try to feel it with some animations in your mind… but know that it should not be a thought anymore… or if there is any thought there, try to solve it first, and once that thought is solved in your mind, it is no longer a thought, and should be only felt and visualized in your mind! That is the best method to concentrate and then focus in your studies and even in many other tasks!  You should not be hearing your inner voice in your head over and over again, repeating your thoughts over and over again in your mind, and saying it louder and louder again, that would be all wrong and would just decrease your focus! As a matter of fact, you should not be hearing your inner voice and thoughts in your mind when you are at a good focus state!


If you learn how to really focus and concentrate in your life on different tasks and in different situations and circumstances, you will be amazed what great potentials you could unleash from your body, mind and spirit! When you focus on a matter or issue, you just empty your mind of all the difficulties and trouble regarding that matter, and just feel the emotions you have got in your mind and soul, and just put that burning desire and passion to work, which is much greater and powerful than your conscious powers that you are aware of!


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