The First Step – Life Style (Part-4)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-4)


The first recommendation is to change the life style that you already have. For instance, change the habits made by the society for you as a fashion or mood! You may have realized that most teenagers are listening to same kind of music, and they wear the same types of cloths, and they have got the same kind of looks and styles!

At any time, when something goes viral in the fashion, almost everyone would go after it to use it and get into that mood and fashion! So try to be different, and do not behave like you are programmed by them, and try to get rid of those habits! Speak differently, act differently, and live differently! You may even try to watch some good movies that are made for a special target audience.


The First Step – Life Style (Part-4)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-4)











Just like when the Windows of a computer gets slow and works not as fast as before, you would need some repairs then. Those actions and behaviors can repair your mind! For instance, you should not listen to music with vocals! Do not do sports as a group, exercises such as Football or Volleyball …, instead try to do individual workouts like Yoga and Eastern Martial Arts! Do not forget to exercise! In addition to your daily meditations and self-hypnosis practices, make sure to do exercise!


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This was the end of part-4!

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