The First Step – Life Style (Part-3)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-3)


Many of the thing we do or say might be useless for our mind and soul, and would just lose our energy! We may spend so much of our energies on self-interests and being selfish, and we may keep think about how do we look, and what others may think about us, and put so much effort on our make up! Meanwhile, if we could focus this energy to within ourselves, and put this energy to work inside our Self, we would achieve significant metaphysical powers!

You should change your life style first! For all of you, there is a repetitive path that you are forced into. Study and go to work, or even without study get a job, get married and make a family to be able to raise your children and then they go to work to make a family and make their children grow so that they also go to work and make families… , and so on and so forth!

See! It is not hard to predict your life anymore! Does not need any prediction skills! 😀

The same circular path that billions of people do… but there are few people who go after their interest and talent, and become successful as well! In fact, they have not listened to others and did not behave exactly as the ordinary system of this world!


The First Step – Life Style (Part-3)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-3)









The system we live in is perhaps making us a slave! They say whoever you are should live and be ordinary, which is the biggest anti-metaphysical message to you and is one of your biggest obstacles in front of you!

Therefore, the goal of a magician is to break the boundaries in your mind! The magician breaks all the goals and objectives that others have planned for him/her, and does not allow another a human to determine destiny for a human!

As long as you live in the society, all sorts of negativities will enter your mind like a virus! The reason for the loneliness of the monks, and basically living outside the society – alone in a corner, is this issue! And if you do want to make progress in having metaphysical powers, you should try to get away from the society as much as possible! However, in the 21st century, the situations and circumstances are in a way that do not allow you to get so far from the society. So I have some recommendations for you to be able to not get influenced by the society that much while you live in it, and ‘The Matrix Guys’ cannot make you one of them, and you will be able to even influence them hopefully!


 Persian Wizard



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