The First Step – Life Style (Part-2)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-2)

In the past, and before humans try to change their world technologically, there was quite less rectangular objects. You may imagine that it was a coincidence, if so, you are thinking too naive. But I believe there should have been a secret plan and goal from years ago to minimize the metaphysical powers of humans! For instance, when the TV was invented, the CRT Lamp of it was circular, and display was therefore in a circle shape on the TV monitor. Thus the display of televisions should be in a circle shape, and the TV itself should become like a half sphere! However, with so much effort, they have made it all rectangular so that it fits into a square shape, and therefore they became like a cube. If you take a look around, you will notice that there are lots of rectangles in your environment. The carpet under your feet in your home, the ceil above your head, the door of the room, oven, refrigerator, computer, cell phone… they would all make negative impacts in you!


The First Step – Life Style (Part-2)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-2)











We are made of energy, and we have energies. Some of it is generated by your body slowly, and the rest is absorbed/lost by/to the environment unconsciously! You may lose  your energy because you are not aware of it. You have to be conscious of your energy to be able to control it!


 Persian Wizard



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