The First Step – Life Style (Part-1)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-1)


Now that you have decided to discover your hidden skills, you have taken the first step already! For improving in learning metaphysics, you should have a special life style. For instance, someone who wants to have a fit body, should avoid eating too much food. You too should change your life style if you really want to have improvements in studying metaphysics.

It is recommended to learn Feng Shui first, and with the help of that make your environment full of positive and creative energy! The reason is that our body is like a radio (or a transceiver antenna) that receives electromagnetic waves in different frequencies, and so is it 24/7 (24 hours daily and 7 days weekly) continuously in touch with all sorts of waves and energies! Therefore, your environment is very important, and you should also know that improving in the field and science of metaphysics is quite difficult in urban environments!


The First Step – Life Style (Part-1)

The First Step – Life Style (Part-1)









Know this big secret that humanity, consciously or unconsciously, has been through a path that almost no human can improve in the science of metaphysics that much significantly! For instance, the best geometrical shape that can be full of positive and creative energy is circle and shapes with smooth curves, and vice versa. The objects with rectangular and square shapes and curves may produce negative and destructive energies, which will cause bad feelings such as getting bored or having lower temper, getting tired or even illness! The interesting thing is here that most of the things are built in rectangular forms and shapes in our environment.  From buildings and doors and windows, up to cell phones and televisions and computers; things that are our everyday needs and tools. The ancient Chinese believed that if someone sits in a corner of a room for a few days, will get the worst diseases!


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This was the end of part-1, you can read the rest here in part-2:

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